Cyber, Space and Nuclear Weapons Analogies, Interrelations and Differences in forming National Strategy – A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Russia (USSR)

Amir Lupovici; Deganit Paikowsky; Or Rabinowitz (HUJI); Dimitry (Dima) Adamsky (IDC)

The research will explore and compare the evolution of American and Soviet/Russian strategic thinking by examining how the layered development of Nuclear, Space and Cyber capabilities impacted the development of concepts of national security in these countries. 

Our main goal is to map the interrelations among cyber, space, and nuclear weapons in American and Soviet/Russian strategic thinking on the one hand and the differences among the strategic thinking regarding these technologies on the other. Toward these goals, at the first stage we seek to develop key points of categorization and comparison that will allow us to better understand how each technology affected these countries national security thinking. At the second stage, we will apply this knowledge in order to trace the differences, analogies and interrelations among these technologies in forming strategic thinking.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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