Funded Research

Tel Aviv University and the new ICRC (The Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center ) expending significant resources to strengthen its own position in the  field of cyber research. The University's cyber group of computer scientists, engineers and national security specialists were advancing pioneering research and transferring their knowledge to decision makers in the government and to security technology firms. TAU breakthroughs were attracting national and international partners, and prestigious academic collaborations with the likes of MIT and Johns Hopkins.


Research topics at the Center will include key issues such as security software, attacks on hardware and software, cryptography, network protocols, security of operating systems, and networks as well as interdisciplinary research such as the impact on national security, the impact on society, regulation, and the effects on the business sector.

Currently there are over 40 researchers from numerous fields across six faculties, in the sciences, technology and humanities from Tel Aviv University who are joining ICRC and collaborate on cyber research.


Funded Research

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