New Research Grants Awarded in 2020!

The full list of researchers that were awarded grants:

Research title

Principal  Investigators

Main disciplines

Partnering  Faculty at

Differential Privacy and Secure Computation

Haitner, Iftach*; Nissim, Kobbi; Gordon, Dov; Stemmer, Uri

Computer Science

George Mason University, USA

AI Based Man in the Middle Attacks

Globerson, Amir*; Gavish, Matan

Computer Science


Using nudges to reduce the appeal of online misinformation

Shoham, Meyrav;  Dvir Gvirsman, Shira*

Mass Communications


Leakage-free Cryptography: Eliminating Side Channel Leakage Using Compiler Optimization

Ronen, Eyal*

Yarom, Yuval; Wagner, Markus; Chuengsatiansup, Chitchanok; Xue, Minhui; Haitner, Iftach;

Computer Science

University of Adelaide, Australia

Cryptographic Proofs of Integrity

Bitansky, Nir*; Paneth, Omer

Computer Science


DeepFuzzing: Breaking the Limits of Traditional Fuzzers with Deep Learning

Wolf, Lior*

Computer Science


A Deep Learning Approach for Solving Network Security Problems

Shavitt, Yuval*

Electrical Engineering


The Nature of Cyber Threats & The Road to Cyber Security Regulation

Matania, Eviatar*

Political Science


Understanding the Role of Cyber Insurance in Combating Cyber Risk

Avraham, Ronen*; Baker, Tom


 University of Pennsylvania, USA

Low rank approximation of a distribution-based kernel for super-fast malware detection in a very big data

Averbuch, Amir*



The Emergence of a New Profession:  Data Protection Officers in Israeli Organizations

Birnhack, Michael*; Mundlak, Guy



Cyber-Nudging: Incentive Systems and Choice Architectures for Organizational Security

Toch, Eran* , Mograbi, Eli

Engineering; Management


ProGReSS - sectoral cyber capability maturity model

Tabansky , Lior*

Political Science, Management, Engineering


Space assets' and applications' cybersecurity

Baram, Gil (Isaac Ben Israel)

Political Science


Media management aspects of cybersecurity crisis

Vatikai, Yarden (Isaac Ben Israel)

Mass Communications


Attack-Resilient and Efficient DNS infrastructure

Afek, Yehuda*; Bremler-Barr, Anat

Computer Science


Increasing Incentives for Cyber Defense in Organizations using the Principles of Behavioral Economics

Weisel, Ori; Mugerman, Yevgeny;  Winter, Eyal

Management; Economics

HUJI; Bar Ilan U

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