ICRC Seminar - 03.06.15

03 June 2015, 11:00 - 12:00 
Tel Aviv University 

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Title: Time Sensitive Collaborations using Cryptographic Protocols


Speaker: Prof. Shafi Goldwasser (MIT and Weizmann Institute)



The availability of vast amounts of data is changing how we can make medical discoveries, predict global market trends, save energy, improve our infrastructures, and develop new educational strategies. One obstacle to this revolution is the willingness of different entities to share their data with others. 


The theory of secure multiparty computation (MPC) seemingly addresses this problem in the best way possible. Namely, parties learn the minimum necessary information: the value of the function computed on their joint data and nothing else. However, the theory of MPC gives no clue as to whether  it is better to share data or proceed independently of each other. That is, whether the gain that a party A makes by learning the function value outweighs the loss incurred by a competitor party learning the function value (based on A’s data) at the same time as well.  In time-sensitive applications, the timing and order of output discovery may be another important deciding factor in whether parties choose to share their data. 


In this work, we incorporate time and order of output delivery into the theory of MPC and show general completeness theorems for newly defined ordered MPCs and timed-delay MPCs. Next, we show how ordered MPC can give rise to MPCs which are provably “worth” joining, in competitive settings where relative time of output discovery changes the utility of discovery.  We formalize a model of collaboration and design a mechanism in which n self interested parties can decide, based on their inputs, on an ordering of output delivery and a distribution of outputs to be delivered which guarantees a higher reward for all participants if such a guarantee is possible.


Joint work with Sunoo  Park and Pablo Azar.


Location: Schreiber Building, Room 309.


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