Strategic Cyberdefense and the Need for a New IT-Market

26 May 2016, 11:30 - 13:30 
Tel Aviv University 

The Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center and the Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University cordially invite you to: Strategic Cyberdefense and the Need for a New IT-Market


Cyberdefense - cybersecurity in militaries or against military-grade attackers - is an extremely demanding process. Affected systems are still mostly highly complex COTS-arrangements, yet they attract the most sophisticated, stealthy and deceitful attackers, usually developing attacks on a scientific level and enjoying the full support of intelligence services as an additional human level in their attack design. This shift in quality changes the basic structures and assumptions for cybersecurity on many levels. However, cyberdefense is not considered a paradigm in its own right. Most approaches are technical or tactical at best, trying to scale commonplace IT-security technologies with an already structurally limited effectiveness into the military field - a losing game. A more strategic approach to cyberdefense has to be developed. It has to be technically and tactically informed, but must be driven by a set of genuine principles of cyberstrategy, deriving structural conclusions from techniques and tactics and enabling long-term predictions about the development of the field as a whole. Once such a perspective is taken, one conclusion seems inevitable: we need a new IT-market.


This seminar will be given by Dr. Sandro Gaycken. Dr. Gaycken is the director of the Digital Society Institute Berlin, a strategic research institute for digital topics of the German DAX-companies in European School of Management and Technology (ESMT). Sandro’s research focus is on cyberwarfare, cyberdefense, cyberintelligence, and high security IT. He is a graduated philosopher with a doctorate in science- and technology-studies. He has published more than 60 scientific articles and books on his topics, regularly writes op-eds in leading newspapers and has authored official government publications. He is a fellow of Oxford university’s Martin College, a director for strategic cyberdefense projects in the NATO SPS Program where he presently designs and implements the national cybersecurity and cyberdefense strategy for Jordan, a co-organizer of the MIT-conferences on cyber norms and on cyber industrial espionage, a member of the benchmarking group for „Industrie 4.0“ standards for the German Ministry of Research BMBF, and he serves as CTO in a German industrial effort to bring high security IT to the „Industrie 4.0“ universe.


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