Robust Decentralized Digital Currency

Dr. Applebaum Benny and Dr. Iftach Haitner

We propose to study essential aspects in the s ecurity, e conomy a nd p olicy implications of Bitcoinlike digital currencies. Via the perspectives of c ryptography, d istributed computing, c omputer engineering and a lgorithmic game theory, we aim to improve understanding, identify flaws, and create new systems that serve society better in functionality and robustness. We plan a broad investigation of these issues, bringing to bear our expertise in cryptography, computer engineering and Algorithmic Game Theory. We will pursue previouslyunaddressed issues in the context of digital currency, such as national fiscal and regulatory policies and their adaptation/interaction with distributed digital currencies, which will be pursued in collaboration with experts in economics and policy. We aim to deliver topnotch scientific publications and prototype implementations. We also aim to bolster research and education on digital currencies, security in decentralized systems in general, and the requisite technical tools, by training graduate students and conducting workshops.

Latest Researches

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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