Detailed description of proposed research - Privacy by Design by Legislation

Prof. Michael Dan Birnhack and Prof. Avner Levin  

The proposed research will examine these cases of PbD by Legislation, as opposed to PbD by market players. We will closely study a few cases of PbD from Canada and Israel. The study will integrate (1) legal material (laws, regulations, parliamentary discussions if exist, official reports, etc.); (2) interviews with relevant officials (or former officials) that were involved in designing the law, and if operative, with those who are in charge thereof at the time of the study; (3) our own technological inspection, to the extent possible, with the assistance of graduate students and research assistants from technological departments, as well as our colleagues. 


The goal is to identify the optimal conditions for a successful PbD. The expected results are a better understanding of PbD, its cyber-security aspects, its challenges, and the conditions in which the “design approach” may work, as well as identifying new challenges, to the extent we will find such, in the application of governmental PbD. The expected conclusions would be relevant in determining the conditions under which the application of PbD to the design of cyber systems in general, and cyber security aspects more specifically, will succeed

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