Scientific Council

 The Scientific council roles are:

  1. Offer missions, goals, annual and long term indices in order to achieve the center goals and missions and research fund criteria.
  2. Recommend areas of practice in the center.
  3. Recommend activities and events the center should host.
  4. Offer investments in infrastructure the center requires.
  5. Examine research proposals in order to choose researches that will be financed from the research fund, and recommend on the level of funding received.
  6. Recommend the world-renowned scholars in the field that should be invited to take part in the center activities.


The Scientific Committee's Members:

  • Prof. Isaac Ben Israel, head of the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center (ICRC)
  • Prof. Ran Canetti, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Mooly Sagiv, School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
  • Dr. Eran Toch, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University
  • Dr. Ohad Barziay, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Tammie Ronen, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Michael Birnhack, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Eyal Zisser, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University
  • Dr. Udi Sommer, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University​
  • Prof. Inna Weiner, The School of Psychological Studies, Tel Aviv University​
  • Prof. Leo Corry, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University​


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